Digestive problems in dogs and cats

Digestive problems, such as diarrhoea, constipation, flatulence or anal gland inflammation should not be dismissed by pet owners as temporary issues, but be seen as serious warning signs. As a rule, such symptoms indicate that something is wrong in the animal’s body. Even if the complaints mentioned are often only related to temporary imbalances, viral

Aniveri analysis success stories

Many pets suffer from health problems, such as intolerances, chronic poisoning and toxic stress at a young age, and not all are recognised. They are often triggered or exacerbated by the wrong diet. The success stories of the dogs Luna, Bruno and Milow demonstrate how the Aniveri Analysis makes an important contribution to better animal

ICP-MS analysis method: Methods of elemental analysis

How the elements we know occur and to what extent they are relevant to medicine has already been described in previous articles. After completing the pre-analytical process, which includes the selection of suitable test material, the next question is how the element analysis should be measured. Harald Hagendorfer, Deputy Managing Director and Head of “Special