Liver diseases in pets: The role of feeding

The liver is the body’s largest internal organ, has countless different tasks in the animal organism and is one of the most important metabolic organs. However, many owners don’t know how to support their pet’s liver with the right food and prevent liver diseases. It is well known that detoxification is one of the most

Digestive problems in dogs and cats: constipation

In the last article we stressed that even supposedly short-term digestive problems should be seen as serious warning signs from the animal’s body. This also applies to constipation, which is something that worries many pet owners. Cats are even more susceptible to it than dogs. The following measures can help. Digestive problems in focus: Causes

Digestive problems in dogs and cats

Digestive problems, such as diarrhoea, constipation, flatulence or anal gland inflammation should not be dismissed by pet owners as temporary issues, but be seen as serious warning signs. As a rule, such symptoms indicate that something is wrong in the animal’s body. Even if the complaints mentioned are often only related to temporary imbalances, viral

Joint diseases in dogs and cats

Arthritis is the most common joint disease in dogs, affecting approximately 20% of adult animals. Obesity, ageing and breed contribute to a higher likelihood of joint diseases in pets. This article explains the possible causes, symptoms and treatments. Causes of joint diseases There are a number of possible causes for the development of arthritis in

Krebserkrankungen im Haustierbereich

Krebserkrankungen zählen mittlerweile zu den Zivilisationskrankheiten und nehmen auch bei Haustieren stetig zu. Umweltverschmutzung, Toxin-Belastungen, rassebedingte Vorerkrankungen, Übergewicht, Ernährung – die möglichen Ursachen sind vielfältig. Dennoch gibt es Möglichkeiten, wie Tierhalter:innen etwaige Erkrankungen möglichst früh erkennen oder ihnen gar vorbeugen können. Gerade die Ernährung spielt bei Krebserkrankungen eine wichtigere Rolle als noch ursprünglich angenommen. Denn

Sample material in focus: The pre-analysis process

Before theanalysis process can begin, it is necessary to think carefully about which sample material is best suited for the respective analysis purpose. Why did the Aniveri Analysis decide on hair as the most suitable test material? Harald Hagendorfer, Deputy Managing Director and Head of Special Analytics at Ortho-Analytic, explains the differences between various sample

Element analysis: Where do trace elements and heavy metals come from?

As a fundamental part of the Aniveri Analysis, the laboratory-based hair mineral analysis measures exactly how many trace elements and heavy metals are in a hair sample. But where do these elements that make up the entire universe actually come from and to what extent are they relevant in medicine? Harald Hagendorfer, Deputy Managing Director

Digitization in small animal medicine

The Graz-based company is revolutionizing preventive diagnostics for pets with the use of artificial intelligence and making an important contribution to the ongoing digitization of small animal medicine. For many in Graz, their pets are a crucial part of their lives alongside their family, a dream job and their own home. Studies show that they