Become a partner

By partnering with Aniveri, you broaden your expertise by offering our modern and insightful report on heavy metal pollution, nutritional deficiencies, body composition and activity levels. This enables you to give your customers the best possible support with individual recommendations and feeding plans based on scientific analysis of over 100 parameters.

Benefits at a glance

  • Guidance to get started, personal support and discussion of the analyses
  • More reach thanks to distribution and mentions on our communication channels
  • Joint development of documents for the practice as well as for social media, newsletters or blogs (optional)
  • Present and score with your expertise! (optional)
Supplement your expertise with data and laboratory-based Aniveri Analysis.

Our service in a partnership

Our scientific and data-based approaches give you the best possible support when advising your customers. With the comprehensive report on heavy metal pollution, nutrient deficiencies, body constitution and activity level, you not only strengthen the relationship with the pet owner, but also help their pets become healthier. Based on the results of the Aniveri Analysis, you can also give pet owners individual feeding plans that are tailored to the energy needs of their pet, as well as other parameters such as intolerances, allergies and previous illnesses.

We support you

How do you benefit from a partnership with Aniveri?

With the results of our innovative analysis and your expertise, you can identify the causes of various complaints in pets. You will also receive recommendations on how to address pets’ individual problem areas and how to counteract them in the long term. You will also become part of our community of like-minded professionals who are passionate about scientific and medical advancements and want to apply them in their everyday work.

Who are your contacts?

The Aniveri team consists of vets, technical laboratory scientists and animal nutritionists who are well versed in data and laboratory-based analysis methods, the effects of toxin loads and nutrient deficiencies, and feed matching. They are happy to support you in interpreting and dealing with the analysis report and the feed plan.