In mid-October, Aniveri took part in the 2022 international pet conference in beautiful Bologna. With the theme, ‘The new normal in the pet business’, many representatives of the pet industry met to review and discuss possible developments, trends and future challenges.

In addition to interesting talks and networking opportunities, Aniveri was invited to the historic capital of northern Italy for the Pet Worldwide Best Newcomer Awards, which were being presented for the first time during the conference to a promising start-up in the pet industry. From more than 30 new companies competing for one of the coveted final places, five startups were invited to give a short pitch about their companies. Before the winning company was announced, we were given interesting insights into potential mega trends, strategic secrets of success and projects by others in the industry.

Trends in the pet market: the rise of individual solutions

Whether it’s established names like Fressnapf, Nestlé Purina and Moderna, or smaller companies and startups, experts in the pet industry agree that pet owners will be increasingly unsatisfied with generic solutions. Individual products and therapeutic approaches are becoming more and more important in the market, especially for the younger, new generation of pet owners. Animals’ mental health is also more important than previously thought. It is no surprise that there was some discussion at the conference of the “humanization” of the pet industry.

Trends in the pet industry: home-made and comprehensively serviced

In addition to the increasing demand for individual solutions, comfort and additional services also play a major role. In line with the view that the pet industry is becoming increasingly “humanized”, pet owners are paying ever more attention to what their pet eats. Home-cooked meals were mentioned several times as a global trend. We see this as a positive development, because by making the feed themselves, pet owners can cater much better to the individual nutritional needs of their pets. That is why it is so helpful to use innovative analysis methods like the Aniveri Analysisto gain insights into the actual levels of all the important micronutrients.

Trends in the pet market: the demand for interdisciplinary approaches

Interdisciplinary cooperation between different players in the pet market is necessary to ensure comprehensive care and individual solutions. From vets, large feed manufacturers, or smaller providers such as BARF shops and other service providers in the pet industry, everyone plays a role in generating data and knowledge about an animal and its current state of care and health. If all the various parties support each other and use the available capacities and resources in the best possible way, the demand for the aforementioned individual and comprehensive solutions can be met, which is also in the best interest of the animal and its long-term health.

After an insightful first day of the conference, the Pet Worldwide Best Newcomer Award 2022 was awarded to the social startup STRAYZ from Berlin. Many congratulations to the successful young entrepreneurs and thank you again for the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the experts. In addition to fascinating insights into current developments in the pet market, we also made some useful contacts and received a lot of positive feedback on our project. We are now even more convinced that we can contribute to more prolonged animal health with our analysis method and, alongside vets and other institutions, we can revolutionize the pet industry.